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Marseilletourisme.fr is above all a tourist site. But it is also designed for local people. The year 2018 generated 2 million visits but for 2019 we are thinking bigger. Redesign of our site, creation of our directory for tourism professionals, restaurateurs, craftsmen and shopkeepers, and many other upcoming projects: 2019 will be marked by 4 million visits, including 1 million during the month of August alone, thanks in particular to the addition of multilingual on the site marseilletourisme.fr !

Our directory comes at a time when professional establishments are struggling to find their way into search engines. By registering, you benefit from our referencing. Our objective? Continue to support Marseille's core business. Craftsmen, shopkeepers, restaurateurs, tourism professionals...
MarseilleTourisme.fr wanted to create for you an intelligent and intuitive directory that puts you at the center of our concerns.

The Marseilletourisme.fr directory is an extended hand that helps you save time and focus on your customers while we take care of the rest.

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No secrets between us:

We are an innovation company. By joining us, with our directory, we offer you the possibility to benefit from innovative services, adapted to your needs, such as the creation of marketplaces. In the future we have many projects, including the creation of a mobile application, to offer you a service that is always more complete and closer to user demand. We wish to reconcile professionals and users in the same sharing space in order to offer, on the one hand, to your establishments a real visibility and a certain notoriety, and on the other hand, to their holidaymakers, a different way of approaching the journey.

By subscribing to our directory, you become our partner. While we focus on innovating to offer you visibility and new customers, your membership allows us to complete our project. All the money invested in our directory will be used for development purposes, including the mobile application planned for 2020, to achieve our ultimate goal: to change the way our users travel while providing considerable support to tourism professionals.

Our directory takes the form of participatory financing with one difference: You help us to finance our projects, we help you to gain visibility and use your precious time only for your business. Help us to make this project known and to make it grow to the point where it becomes an essential tool for tourism in Marseille.

To find out more, don't waste a minute and register for the marseilletourisme.fr meeting.

Description of the offer:

The Mèso offer and the Mousto offer allow you to subscribe to their respective subscriptions on a monthly or annual basis. And on special occasions, the great news! As part of the opening of our directory, we offer the first 500 subscribers to each subscription a 50% discount on their annual subscription.

These offers allow you to be present and referenced in the marseilletourisme.fr directory.

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The Mèso offer:

This subscription offers you a high visibility. At the price of 30€ per month before tax for the monthly subscription, you benefit from two months free for any subscription to an annual subscription, i.e. 300€ before tax.

With the Mèso offer you have the possibility to fill in various elements:

  • The logo of your establishment.
  • Your company's contact details such as the address to easily locate you and the telephone number so that users can contact you directly.
  • Your website.
  • Your social networks in order to increase your community and to be followed by new users, possibly future customers.
  • Your schedules in order to inform the user of your availability to welcome him/her to your establishment.
  • Your location using the GoogleMaps tool, which helps the user to easily view your location.
  • The display of the services you offer such as WiFi, access for people with reduced mobility or the presence of a car park for example.
  • Your atmosphere image, which, once filled in, will allow you to see at a glance what best reflects your activity.
  • A photo gallery can also be added to present the atmosphere, the products sold...
  • The description of your activity in a few words.
  • The selection of the professional category to which you belong with the possibility of choosing an additional one if necessary, in order to allow users to find you in a few clicks.

Several modules are also associated with this offer, such as:

  • The ability to respond to user feedback about your facility.
  • The ability, always for users, to follow your establishment and its news with a "Like" system.
  • The presence of statistics that can be directly consulted from your interface in order to evaluate the number of visits to your file, the number of opinions submitted as well as the number of people who follow your establishment file.
  • Event creation from our interface.
  • The diffusion of your events on the "Agenda" market place of marseilletourisme.fr
  • The creation of discount coupons in the form of an amount or percentage.
  • The distribution of your coupon directly on your card and in the " Best deals " marketplace of marseilletourisme.fr
  • The creation of a weekly newsletter sent to your followers so that they can receive your news directly (events, discount coupons...) in their mailbox.

Features are also coming soon, let us spoil you:

  • A multilingual interface allowing foreign tourists to familiarize themselves more easily with your establishment.
  • Automatic translation of your page into the relevant language.
  • Your presence marked on the map location of marseilletourisme.fr. So if, for example, you are located in the Old Port, you will appear on the map on the page relating to the Old Port.

The Mèso offer is a complete offer designed for you and adapted to your needs. It aims to make you all the more visible and to increase your notoriety.
Are you still hesitating? Oh, really?

Our directory contains other equally well-considered offers for you.

Get to know the Mousto offer, the most complete subscription in the directory, as well as the Aubèto offer, our 100% free offer.

Do you work in the restaurant business? Don't forget to check out the Resto offer.

Are you an associative institution? Contact us, we have an offer for you!

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The Mousto offer:

The Mousto offer, in addition to offering referencing on marseilletourisme.fr, allows you to make your establishment appear at the top of the list according to very specific elements. More intelligent and intuitive, this offer offers establishments according to their schedules but also according to the weather.
For example, if the user browses our directory in the morning, an establishment such as a bakery can be directly offered in the foreground. If it rains, an Escape Game will be easier to offer than a maritime activity. It is an intelligent relationship between the establishment and the weather in order to reveal a more relevant establishment than another (module available from June at the latest).

The price of the Mousto offer is 30€/month before tax for a monthly subscription and amounts to 300€ before tax with two months free for an annual subscription.

Here are the elements that can be filled in the form of your establishment thanks to the Mousto offer:

  • See all the elements that can be included in the Mèso offer (above).
  • The possibility to choose up to three professional categories in order to allow the user to find them more times.

Discover without further delay the modules associated with the Mousto offer:

  • All the modules of the Meso offer (see above).
  • The ability to manage user reviews. You cannot delete them, however you can choose to position them in the order you wish and to choose to highlight the reviews that correspond most to you.
  • Have a "site on our site". On your school file you have the possibility to create your "News" module by writing articles for example. Bring your establishment to life within marseilletourisme.fr
  • You have access to the "Job Offers" extension.
  • You can advertise your job offer on your establishment file and on the "Job offers" marketplace at marseilletourisme.fr

A module to come? Absolutely:

  • The same modules as for the Mèso offer are to come for the Mousto offer.
  • In addition, you will have the chance to have your establishment present and directly displayed in the marseilletourisme.fr sidebar

Don't wait any longer and join the Mousto offer to enjoy all the features of our directory in their entirety and at a lower cost!

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Also discover our Meso offer as well as the free offer of our directory, the Aubèto Offer !

Do you want to register as a restaurateur? Go to the Resto Offer.

Are you an association? We have an offer designed especially for you, contact us!