Marseille, with its 2600 years of history, is a permanent invitation to discover its rich past. Visiting Marseille means going back through the history of Marseille from Roman times to the Second World War.

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What to do in Marseille?

The Phocaean City has always had an important place in the French History. You will have the choice of many activities in Marseille: why not take the Petit Train, or rent a bike or, for the more adventurous, a segway! You will be able to stroll through the city in a more original way!
Marseilles museums are full of jewels from the past, but also of more contemporary works. In short, there is something for everyone!
And after having explored all the beaches and terraces of the Phocaean city, you will enjoy a visit to the museum!

Visit Marseille's Museums

Marseille offers a large number of museums, history-oriented or art-oriented, it is up to you to choose! Thus, the Musée d'art contemporain is a museum of modern art that brings together works by artists from the 1960s to the current day. If you like art, you can stop at the Musée des beaux-arts or the Musée Cantini, which contains many works of art.

The Marseille Observatory will immerse you into the stars and make you dream, for both young and old people. The Musée de la Légion Étrangère d'Aubagne pays tribute to these soldiers whom many countries envy us: medals, photos, period objects... You will learn a lot about these extraordinary men. La Vieille Charité is one of the oldest churches in Marseille. You can't visit Marseille without coming by to take a look. Its museum traces the history of this unusual place and you will learn a lot about our city. In addition, it also houses the Museum of Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas (MAAOA), which is worth a look. The History Museum and the MUCEM will be perfect to make a cultural stopover during your visit to Marseille.

Remember to buy your tickets at the ticket office and check the opening hours to avoid queuing up before your visits.

And as learning opens your appetite, you can enjoy a meal in one of Marseille's restaurants recommended by Marseille Tourisme!