A journey through Marseille's History  
Historical discoveries

During the construction of the Centre Bourse, many archaeological discoveries were made. Remains of Greek, Roman and even medieval times were found. It then became obvious that a museum retracing Marseille's history had to be created. The Museum opened its doors in 1983, with the help of archaeologist and anthropologist Alain Nicolas.

The Marseille History Museum

The museum remained closed for several years and opened only on September 14, 2013. This opening coincides with the Marseille-Provence 2013, Capital of European Culture.  

Entirely renovated, under the supervision of the architect Roland Carta, the Marseille History Museum welcomes the public to the Centre Bourse shopping mall. Its glass facade offers you a unique view of the historic port of Marseille. The museum covers an exhibition area of 3500 square meters.

Marseille, its port, their history, a common history to be rediscovered through a breadcrumb trail with 13 chronological stages. A multimedia system allows visitors to continue their visit, with comments from historians and archaeologists. You can also discover the ancient remains discovered during the construction of the Marseille Museum as well as a temporary exhibition room and a library.

You don't know what to do in Marseille? Among the countless activities in Marseille, the History Museum is a must. This lively and rhythmic visit through history will suit the whole family. For the youngest, the "history stops" offer a fun discovery. You can't visit Marseille without knowing its history!

Prepare your visit to the Marseille History Museum

Opening hours are from 10am to 6pm Tuesday to Sunday. To access the documentation center, you must make an appointment. Remember to go to the ticket office and buy your tickets in advance to avoid queues. Located in the Old Port district, you will find many restaurants in Marseille to satisfy your hunger.
And why not continue your day with a visit to the Modern Art Museum and its contemporary paintings?

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