Destination: Marseille islands and their surroundings

What would a visit to Marseille be without taking a short detour to the sea? Come and discover the beauty of the islands that are emerging off the coast and take a boat tour:

The Riou archipelago, the only one on the French continental coast to be uninhabited

The castle of If, first royal fortress of Marseille, and its incredible panorama

The Friuli archipelago and the fort of Ratonneau

The Endoume Archipelago and its military fort

The island of Porquerolles off Toulon

Lovers of scuba diving will certainly appreciate the beauty of the seabed. During your walk, you will be able to observe a fauna and flora as varied as it is diversified, composed of rare and protected species. Take to the open sea and discover the islands of Marseille and its surroundings!

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