What would Marseille be like without its beloved soccer team! Over the years, the Olympique de Marseille has become a special entity for the city' s inhabitants, a club renowned for its ability to inspire and bring people together. After visiting Marseille and the Orange Velodrome Stadium, the Olympique de Marseille will no longer have a secret for you. Now that you have visited Marseille and the Orange Velodrome Stadium, the Olympique de Marseille will no longer have a secret for you. And one thing is certain: the moment you get into the Phocaean city, for sure you will hear about it!

The Olympique de Marseille: from its beginnings to today

The history of an elite

Olympique de Marseille is THE soccer club par excellence! Founded in 1899 by René Dufaure de Montmirail, the first national trophies came in the 1920s with the victory of a series of Coupes de France. But the club didn't stop there! If, during the World War II, the Velodrome Stadium was requisitioned by the army, the club pursued its ascent. However, in 1959, the club was replaced for the first time in its history in the second division. He came back to Ligue 1 three years later. The Olympique de Marseille gradually improved its performance, until it won the European Champion Clubs' Cup and the Coupe de France!

The 1980s saw the return of Marseille to Ligue 2. The club then lived its darkest years. The arrival of businessman Bernard Tapie at the head of the club in 1986 marked the rebirth of this emblematic club. OM then made a succession of trophies and became one of the best French and European teams. In 1993, the club won the French championship. But due to corruption, the club was once again relegated to Ligue 2.

From then on, OM never stopped climbing the slope to regain its full glory today.

Today, OM is this city' s pride and joy with no less than 9 professional French league titles, 3 French League Cups, 10 French Cups, 3 Champions Trophies and a UEFA Champions League, making it the most successful soccer club in France.

The Olympique de Marseille's identity

The OM logo has evolved through various changes during the club's growth, before becoming the one we know since 2004. The letters O & M, fused in pantone blue, appear under a golden star symbolizing the club's victory in the Champions League. The emblematic motto of OM: DROIT AU BUT, is added below.

OM's infrastructures

The Orange Velodrome Stadium

Visiting Marseille without going through the Orange Velodrome Stadium would be a pity, especially for soccer fans. It is indeed the must-see location for OM home games. Inaugurated in 1937 in the 8th arrondissement of Marseille, this sports stadium is the second largest in France in terms of available space. The stadium was expanded several times during the 20th century with a total of 60,000 seats in 1998. The Vélodrome Stadium went through further renovations, the most significant being the one in 2014 for the Euro 2016, which resulted in the creation of the new Vélodrome Stadium. Now the stadium is fully weatherproofed with an increased capacity of 7,000 seats. Moreover, it not only hosts soccer matches, it is also used for rugby matches, concerts and some sporting events. You can visit the Velodrome stadium, where you can discover the stadium's backstage, the private boxes, the players' changing rooms, the press room and the panoramic lounges, and more. You can of course immortalize your visit by taking the players' exit and accessing the field. To do this, go to 3 Michelet Boulevard, and ask for your ticket directly at the stadium ticket offices or online. And why not come to a soccer game? The atmosphere in this mythical stadium is incredible and unique! It is one of the must-see attractions in Marseille!

The official OM shops

Would you like to take home a little souvenir? The famous team scarf, of course! There is nothing better than OM shops to find your happiness. Four official OM boutiques are present in Marseille with the must-see Boutique Museum located at the Velodrome stadium and the three other boutiques located on rue Saint-Ferréol, Canebière and La Valentine. A 5th boutique opened in Vitrolles not far from the Phocaean city in 2010, as well as a 6th in the Plan de Campagne region in 2011. With all this choice you will have no more excuses to avoid going there and why not, to bring back a football jersey in memory of your holidays in Marseille!

New features around the Orange Velodrome stadium

At the start of 2018, the city of Marseille opened a new shopping mall with an impressive look: the Prado. Organized around a central space with 5 floors on a surface area of 23,000 m², it will please shopping fans. With 50 high-end boutiques and the comeback of the Galeries Lafayette store, this new building will be part of the velodrome stadium extension project with a direct entrance planned from the sports building.

The Velodrome Stadium is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Around, you can have a drink in one of Marseille's bars to extend the game!



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