Close to the Centre Bourse, the shopping center of the Old Port, Marseille also has its street dedicated to fashion, just look at its name. In fact, it is the Rue de la Tour, which unofficially became the Rue de la Mode in 1997. If you like shopping, this is the "trendy" part of the Phocaean city, where you can find designer shops and the most elaborate brands.

Between the Place Charles de Gaulle,  the Place de l'Opéra and the Rue Sainte, the area is full of small and unique shops, concept stores and original shops. You will find jewellery, designer clothes, decorative objects, various accessories. Chic and trendy are the best adjectives to sum up this little fashion spot in the heart of Marseille.

Despite this, the district has managed to preserve its traditional businesses. It also has a large number of hotels, bars and restaurants. All of this gives a unique atmosphere, quite typical from Marseille.

Here are some stores that you will certainly appreciate:

    The Glitter Sardine: fashion accessories, children's clothing. 9 rue de la Tour
    Donna: women's clothing. 7 rue de la Tour
    Black devil: men's clothing. 5 rue de la Tour
    Manon Martin: Jewellery. 10 rue de la Tour
    Casablanca: clothes, accessories by designer. 6 rue de la Tour
    Marianne Cat: men's and women's fashion, leather goods, perfumery, jewellery. 53 rue Grignan.
    Frojo: watchmaking, jewellery since 1854. 17, rue Grignan.