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Our Marseilletourisme.fr website is dedicated to both tourists and locals. Our directory was inspired by you: shopkeepers, craftsmen, restaurateurs and other tourism professionals from Marseille. Today our objective is to put your business at the heart of our concerns in order to make the heart of Marseille beat faster.

With nearly 2 million visits to MarseilleTourisme.fr in 2018, this year, following the launch of our new website, we are looking to surpass this limit with 4 million visits planned for 2019, including 1 million in August alone, thanks in particular to the addition of two additional languages, English and Spanish. Our directory will be advertised on the radio, displayed in the metro and throughout the city. Contests games, events... our innovation company creates, for professionals, a complete service that allows you to gain notoriety while allowing you to expand your customer base.

Many projects are still to come, including a mobile application for our directory with many ways to provide the best service to end users. Our objective? Travel in a different way. Our methods? Innovate, innovate and innovate again.

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Description of the offer

Aubèto's offer is above all the possibility for your establishment to be present on the marseilletourisme.fr directory and this for FREE. There are many possibilities to help your establishment gain visibility. A set of elements and modules allows you to provide a large amount of information about your establishment.

You can fill in the following information:

  • Your logo: Integrate your visual identity on your file.
  • Your contact information (address, phone number): Give our users the opportunity to know where you are and give them a way to contact you.
  • Your schedules: An important information to be specified for your establishment.
  • Your atmosphere image: Choose a photo that best represents your activity and place it on your establishment file.
  • Your description: Describe in a few words your activity.
  • Your category: You can select a category of affiliation in order to best identify your activity.

The Aubèto offer also includes modules specially designed for you:

  • Notices: Users can post notices about your facility. On your side you have the opportunity to respond to these opinions.
  • Statistics: Track the number of visits generated by your establishment record and the number of notices filed about it.

As part of our desire to develop our directory, here are the exclusive features to come for the Aubèto offer:

  • Integration of the multilingual option (English) to allow foreign tourists to easily consult your establishment file.
  • Automatic translation of your file. We want to save you time, so there is no need to take time to translate your school record, we take care of everything.

Do not hesitate any longer and opt for our Aubèto offer, 100% free, and take advantage of the possibility of listing your establishment in the marseilleitourisme.fr directory.

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