Published on March 8, 2019 by Marseille Tourisme

You wish to explore the GR2013 to discover the magnificent landscapes surrounding the Phocaean City? Marseille Tourisme gives you all the information you need to know!

The GR 2013

The itinerant hike is a long walk, sporty or not, which can last several days. It allows you to discover coastal landscapes as well as high mountains and natural parks. Three hundred and sixty-nine GR (long-distance hiking trails) have so far criss-crossed France. Among the most famous hiking trails, we can mention the GR 20 which crosses Corsica and is considered to be the most difficult in Europe.

The GR2013's course is very different in its design. Created as part of the Marseille festivities in 2013, its objective is to promote the magnificent Phocaean region over some 350 km, both in its culture and its varied landscapes. It is therefore open to everyone, experienced hikers, families with children, long-duration walkers or those who want to go home in the evening.

Essential information: the guide

Before embarking on the adventure of the 2013 Marseille-Provence GR, it is recommended to purchase a guide to decide which walks to take and to choose their length. They are many and diverse in the region but all require preparation. Even if you're just taking a simple walk.

Everyone is also free to follow the road in its entirety! For tranquil walkers, the route takes about 3 weeks to complete.

But be careful! Before leaving, even for a short trip, take all the precautions to avoid tragedies.

Equipment to be used for hiking in Provence

A hike is something you have to prepare for. So here are some tips to help you to plan your hike in the calanques. Wear closed shoes that keep your foot firmly in place to avoid a sprain. Do not leave without water, a hat and a snack. It is also important to inform people you know about the hiking trail you chose to follow. For long excursions, you can rent hiking equipment such as a tent, stoves...

You can also choose mountain bike rental or why not boat rental to discover the creeks. It's a different way to discover the coast.

In the National Park's calanques, you can have lunch in one of the many restaurants by the sea. Plan to book before you go, especially on weekends or during the summer when you won't be the only one who wants to stop by.

Insolation: an accident too frequent

Avoiding or detecting sunstroke is fundamental when trekking. Especially in high mountains, you don't really feel the heat of the sun, and when there is wind either, which is common in the South. It is therefore necessary to remember to protect your head properly, to wet your hair frequently and to prioritize shaded, undergrowth trips, especially in summer when the temperature rises.

You also need to drink a lot and make sure to get the proper equipment. In the evening, it is often cooler. Again, you will need to plan your hike carefully to provide warmth and avoid hyperthermia, which can be fatal.

A knowledge of the weather is also essential to anticipate any change in the weather if you are planning a hike. A storm arrives quickly, temperatures can drop quickly, the wind rises...

Get to know nature before you go exploring it!